About Us

Paul began working on and gaining valuable experience in the auto repair and service industry in Long Beach/Signal Hill California back in 1986. Auto Meister was the name of the shop and was his jumping off point from being a backyard, work on his own hot rod cars, type of technician.

In 1990 he went to work for Superformance in Newport Beach and West Los Angeles where he advanced his way from technician to assistant manager of both shops, moving back and forth as needed. The decision was soon made to build and open Newport Car Wash inside the same building as the Newport Superformance location. Paul was excited as he then took over the responsibilities of helping build and manage the car wash/quick lube part of the business.

Then in 1994, Paul moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and got back into being a technician at his oldest brothers shop and in 1999 quickly opened his own shop with two other partners, know as Uptown Imports. After 11 years, Paul has again started another auto service and repair facility in Charlotte, which has come to be Southend Import Car Care located at 2429-B South Tryon Blvd near the intersection of South Tryon and Remount Road and servicing all makes and models of BMW’s and Mercedes Benz’.

Paul keeps current on all systems and parts for your luxury vehicle through Euro-Diagnostics continuing education programs, where he earns certifications for each class completed for BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Paul invites you to stop by the shop to meet him in person, see the machines and equipment used and also get to know a trusting and caring service repair technician who you be able to speak highly about to your friends and family members.

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